Until we release a new version, download an older version of Equavescent 3.5 below.

The demo is a fully functional demo. The MS mode has a small error- it swaps the left and right channels.


equavescent_v3.5.0_OSX64 200MB

equavescent_v3.5.0_aax_OSX64 200MB

equavescent_v3.5.0_OSX32 200MB

equavescent_v3.5.0_aax_OSX32 200MB

equavescent_v3.5.0_Win64 200MB

equavescent_v3.5.0_aax_Win64 200MB

equavescent_v3.5.0_Win32 200MB

equavescent_v3.5.0_aax_Win32 200MB

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